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Clinton National Airport Train Transfers

Upon arrival at Clinton National Airport, passengers can choose from several ground transportation options, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, and hotel shuttle services.

Unfortunately, trains here do not connect to the railway station at the Airport.

The nearest is the Little Rock Union Station (LRK), at 1400 West Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas—about 9 kilometers from the Clinton Airport.

Passengers can quickly get to Union Station by taxi for less than $30.

Union Station (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Little Rock Union Station, also known as Mopac Station, is a train station in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system.

The present Little Rock station opened on August 1, 1921, constructed by the Missouri Pacific Railroad after a fire destroyed the prior station on April 7, 1920.

The structure used existing foundations, some exterior walls, and the clock tower of the previous station, which had survived the fire. The station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as "Mopac Station."

Although known as Union Station, this particular structure was used by only a single railroad, the Missouri Pacific.

Prior facilities on this site were served by two additional railroads, the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad (1874–1893) and St. Louis Southwestern Railway (known as the 'Cotton Belt') (ca. 1892–1910).

The present (1921) structure was predated by a large wooden frame erected in 1874 and a brick station that opened in 1909 and burned in 1920.

The main entrance to Union Station was located on the Markham Street level, and waiting rooms, a ticket office, and a restaurant were on this level.

The upper two floors housed the railroad's train dispatchers and offices of the freight and passenger departments, American Refrigerator Transit Company, and the Pullman Company, which staffed passenger trains' sleeping and dining cars.

The basement (track level) held extensive mail and Railway Express Agency facilities, a baggage room, and a small dining car commissary.

Passenger access to the tracks was via an open-air midway extending from the north side of the building, with stairways and three umbrella sheds extending in each direction at track level.

This midway structure was original to the 1908 station, having survived the 1920 fire.

Little Rock was the junction point for Missouri Pacific trains bound northeast to St. Louis Union Station and east to Memphis Union Station.

Trains went westbound to Dallas, Fort Worth, and El Paso; San Antonio, and Galveston via Houston. Through-trains from St. Louis to Hot Springs were also available. These trains included the following:

Southerners (St. Louis and Memphis to El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston)

Sunshine Special (St. Louis and Memphis to Mexico City via San Antonio)

St. Louis and Memphis to El Paso, and Mexico City via San Antonio)

If you are one of those passengers who need to transfer to the Amtrak train station, here are your options.

Amtrak Stations in Arkansas

  • Arkadelphia, AR (ARK)
  • Malvern, AR (MVN)
  • Little Rock, AR - Union Station (LRK)
  • Hope, AR (HOP)
  • Texarkana, AR (TXA)
  • Walnut Ridge, AR (WNR)

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